An Afternoon at the Beach in Kennebunkport Maine

Although the day’s forecast looked a little questionable this morning, today turned out to be an absolutely incredible one in

A view of Turbat's Creek in Kennebunkport Maine!
A view of Turbat’s Creek in Kennebunkport Maine!

Kennebunkport Maine, so we headed to beach.  Beaches, actually! With truly stellar weather this Memorial Day Weekend, it just seemed appropriate to visit as many as possible.

The ocean could be something that you might take for granted when living in vacationland, but any time you check out a new cove or secret spot it feels entirely new! So this afternoon, we headed out to check out a beachy cove that I’d only heard about before.  We turned down what appeared to be a residential street with no indication that there’d be water just around the bend, but there it was!  Because we arrived at low time, there was plenty of coastline to explore.  This area of Kennebunkport Maine is called Turbat’s Creek, and there are plenty of inlets that look like any could be a freshwater creek.  It’s clearly an area that many enjoy launching canoes or kayaks, but I was content just meandering and drinking in the salt air while perched on a warm rock. It’s no surprise, though, that this spot isn’t well known – there are only two parking spaces!  But if you are willing to park up the street a bit or pop down on a bike (it’s just over a mile from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast), it is definitely worth it! Miraculously, though, I found a spot just a few houses from the shore, and boy was I happy.  The breeze was blowing, a family was canoeing in the distance, and a few seagulls cruised by.  This afternoon’s beach adventure was especially wonderful, and we didn’t even leave Kennebunkport Maine!


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