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Winter Wonderland Comes to Kennebunkport Maine

Now Kennebunkport Maine really feels ready for the holidays!

Now Kennebunkport Maine really feels ready for the holidays!

After a lifetime of living in New England, I’ve come to entirely distrust the weather forecasts, but much to my chagrin, the meteorologists were spot on this past weekend, with their snowy forecast for Kennebunkport Maine.  And truthfully, we’d all been wishing for a little of the flaky stuff to really make it feel like the holiday season.  None arrived for Thanksgiving, and the ground remained bare for the first weekend of Christmas Prelude.  The second weekend of Prelude arrived with not a speck of snow to be found, and my doubts for flakes faded as Saturday afternoon turned to evening without a hint of snow.  But when I woke up to over a foot of snow on Sunday morning, Kennebunkport Maine had been transformed into a winter wonderland!  Fortunately Mother Nature blessed us with precipitation in the form of soft powder, which meant that nearly blizzard like conditions couldn’t stop us from delivering piping hot breakfasts to guests in seven of the cottage suites at our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast.  Now the fact that all of them didn’t choose the room service option is a little surprising, but it turns out that lots of people enjoy the snow as much as I do!  And with Christmas just nine days away, it finally feels like the holiday season after this snowstorm transformed Kennebunkport Maine into a Winter Wonderland!

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