Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels Are Perfect for Destination Weddings

It seems like everyone I know is tying the knot – some for the first time, others are remarrying, and some are celebrating anniversaries with vow renewals – and with destinations weddings on the rise, Kennebunkport luxury hotels are stepping up to the plate.  In fact, we are excited to be hosting a small wedding this weekend at the Maine Stay!  We are all really stoked, because not only are we expecting a fantastic fall weekend, but the bride

Let's cut the cake in Kennebunkport!
Let’s cut the cake in Kennebunkport!

and groom are quite possibly the sweetest couple ever.  The truth is, though, that every wedding, celebrating the love between two great people, is something that deserves much fanfare, but for a lot of people, the idea of a party with hundreds of people just isn’t appealing.  And fortunately, destination weddings for smaller groups have become a great alternative way to celebrate their big day.  Because Kennebunkport luxury hotels tend to be more intimate than those in cosmopolitan areas, we’ve become a great place to make those special memories.  But just like with a traditional wedding, brides and grooms planning destination weddings have lots to think about – not the least of which is where to have their ceremony and reception.  Some couples choose to have both in the same spot, while others do a little moving locations.  And for those who want to exchange their vows right on the water, there’s tons of coastline that is perfect for just that purpose!  Others go for a more traditional church service, and Kennebunkport offers tons of denominations (and architectural styles) to choose from, while even more opt to take advantage of the great backyard at the Maine Stay Inn.  And this weekend, the happy couple will be tying the knot right on the beach and return to the inn for their outdoor reception.  But best of all, because they’ve pared down their guest list to just their closest friends and family members, everyone will be around to enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning!  In my mind, that’s one of the best parts of having a small destination wedding – your guests can enjoy the whole experience with you.  And since a gourmet breakfast is always included, you won’t even have to think about organizing a farewell brunch!  So if you’re thinking about having your wedding at one of the Kennebunkport luxury hotels, just let us know what is most important to you for your special day.

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