Ideas for a Romantic Getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

They say “love is in the air” around Valentines Day, but lately it seems like that should be revised, because lots of folks are looking for ideas for their romantic getaway to our Maine bed and breakfast.  And obviously, the first step toward pulling off a special trip is picking the right room.  Unlike chain hotels, every room at the Maine Stay Inn has its own unique decor and personality.  More importantly, though, is the fact that each room and suite has

Hop aboard a sunset sail!
Hop aboard a sunset sail!

different features, so if you’re looking forward to snuggling under the stars, you’d want to pick the Garden Room, which has its own private deck overlooking the gardens.  But if you’d rather lounge in a king size bed and soak in a whirlpool tub for two, Cottage Suite 5 is likely more up your alley.  One of the important things to consider in planning your romantic getaway, is whether you’d like to have the option of eating breakfast in bed, because if you do, you should select Cottage Suites 2-11 or Suite 12 in the main house.  And not to worry – there’s no charge for this type of room service!

After selecting the room in your Maine bed and breakfast, you’ll want to consider restaurants that set the right tone for your romantic getaway.  Some personal favorite Kennebunkport restaurants that do a great job of providing the right mixture of relaxation and intimacy include Stripers Restaurant, On the Marsh Bistro, and Opus Ten (of David’s Kennebunkport).  Just over the Wells border, you’ll find Joshua’s, a special spot with food and ambience that makes up for the not-so-sexy location on Route 1.

It comes as a bit of a surprise to me that some people’s schedules don’t entirely revolve around meals (kidding…kind of!), so planning some relaxing activities for two should probably be on the agenda.  During the warm months, one of the most common activities for a romantic getaway to our Maine bed and breakfast is enjoying a leisurely schooner ride.  Both the Pineapple Ketch and the Schooner Eleanor offer a variety of sails throughout the day (some even timed to enjoy the sunset!), and as each can carry a limited number of passengers, you can ensure that your on the water snuggle session won’t be disrupted.  Others enjoy a more active past time, like kayaking or secluded hikes through nature preserves.  Truth be told, the possibilities activities during your romantic getaway to a Maine bed and breakfast are limitless, and we’re always happy to help ensure your plans go off without a hitch!

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