Kennebunkport Historical Society Hosts Fundraiser

Today was a very exciting day on Maine Street, as the Kennebunkport Historical Society hosted a family friendly daytime fundraiser.  Last month, former President George H.W. Bush found himself all over the news, as he and his secret service staff appeared in photos with shaved heads.  It was quite a sight!  But the story behind the image was even more heartwarming.  The two year old son, named Patrick, of one of the President’s security detail was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and after undergoing treatment, the toddler lost his hair.  As a show of support for little Patrick, 41 and his staff shaved their heads too!  Patrick’s Pals was set up for folks who heard the story to donate funds to support his ongoing treatment.

But today, the newly christened First Families Museum at White Columns, just up the street from the Maine Stay Inn, opened its doors and donated all proceeds to Patrick’s Pals.  Formerly known as the Nott House, the White Columns mansion is the crown jewel of the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  It has recently been revamped to celebrate the history of the founding families of Kennebunkport, as well as the Bush Family legacy in town.  Not to worry, though, the incredible architectural and design history has been well preserved!  And to make the event even more fun, the Historical Society held badminton and croquet in the side lawn.  Visitors and locals alike flocked to this historic mansion for a great day and a heartwarming cause.  They certainly couldn’t have asked for a better day to hold this great event, because the skies were a brilliant blue, without a cloud to be seen, and temps hovering just around 80 degrees – positively perfection!  Visitors certainly enjoyed the outdoor events, hanging around for hours, sometimes just to watch the fun, and we at the Maine Stay are certainly hoping that this resulted in off-the-charts donations for little Patrick and his family.  We’re so grateful to the Kennebunkport Historical Society for hosting such a fun and worthwhile fundraiser!

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