Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast Receives Eco Friendly Award

We received some exciting news earlier this summer, when we found out that our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast was named a Green Leader by TripAdvisor!  Over the past six years, we have been working diligently to turn this historic property into an eco-friendly destination.  At first, the task seemed daunting.  I mean, how could you turn an 1860 Victorian and five guest houses into a lean, mean energy sipping machine?  And since the idea

We've been designated a a green leader!
We’ve been designated a a green leader!

of recycling was not even considered, this seemed like an insurmountable task.  You have to start somewhere, right?  So we began recycling paper products in the office and water bottles abandoned in guest rooms.  That wasn’t enough to satisfy our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, so we went to work on kitchen waste (think the cardboard cartons produce ships in), non-returnable beverage bottles, and even sorting trash from each guest room.

Simply instituting a recycling policy was not going to win us any awards, and light bulbs were next on the agenda.  Gradually we’ve changed from your average incandescent to energy sipping compact fluorescents, with plans to invest in LED bulbs as well.  Unfortunately, the Maine Stay Inn can’t boast 100% use of such bulbs – often in the main house because of its antique fixtures that just don’t look right with the swirly fluorescent types.  Our biggest changes, however, have been behind the scenes, with upgrades to the heating, cooling and hot water systems at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast making everyone more comfortable, but also friendly for the environment.

So we’re proud to announce that TripAdvisor has honored us with a bronze level award for providing environmentally friendly lodging options.  But unlike many, we’re not content with the status quo, so we’re constantly tweaking our energy conservation plans and making changes to make our 19th century Kennebunkport bed and breakfast as energy efficient as possible – and we’re taking suggestions!

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