Farm Fresh Foods in Kennebunkport Maine

As I dove into my bowl of pasta and homemade pesto – made with basil fresh from the garden – I got to thinking about how there are such great opportunities for farm-to-table type dining in Kennebunkport Maine.  Honestly, I feel so lucky to be in an area where there’s a real appreciation for quality food and sourcing local ingredients!  I mean, at the Maine Stay Inn, one of our food suppliers focuses on using Maine products as much as

Strawberries fresh from our garden!
Strawberries fresh from our garden!

possible, especially given the -ahem – poor growing conditions during the chilly months of the year.  But that means that our eggs come from Maine chickens and our dairy products from Maine cows!  Today we even got to serve a Maine cantaloupe – who knew you could grow those here?!  While we don’t have a huge herb and vegetable garden, we do grow a few nibbles and a bunch of herbs.  There really is nothing better than getting up and clipping fresh herbs from the garden in the morning!  And we know that is something visitors appreciate when they wake up in Kennebunkport Maine, but since we don’t serve lunch or dinner, we’ve made sure to come up with some farm fresh options for lunch locales.

Just over the border in Wells, you’ll find Joshua’s, a restaurant that specialized in farm to table cuisine long before it became trendy.  Chef Joshua’s father is an organic farmer whose farm provides the produce for the restaurant as long at the weather permits, and during the winter months, they utilize other local farms that have large greenhouses which produce year round!  Head a little further south of Kennebunkport Maine to Ogunquit and you’ll find fine dining establishment Arrows.  With its extensive gardens and inventive menu, Arrows has been named one of the top 50 restaurants in the United States.  But closer to home, you’ll find that homegrown chef David Ross knows his stuff when it comes to local farms.  His sister restaurants, 50 Local and Owen’s Farmhouse, are both located in downtown Kennebunk and their commitment to supporting local agriculture permeates every aspect of the menus in both locations.  And just a hop, skip, and a jump from our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast, lies funky not-so-hidden-anymore gem Bandaloop.  Its focus is also on providing the freshest foods from local sources, but there’s one local treat you won’t find on the menu – old fashioned boiled lobster.  Sorry – we’ll send you to Nunan’s for that!  The truth is, though, that there are oodles of places around Kennebunkport Maine that serve farm fresh feasts, and we at the Maine Stay Inn are happy to help you find the spot that’s right for you!

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