Summer's Heating Up in Kennebunkport Maine

A mini heat wave arrived in Kennebunkport Maine just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend, and while temps in the low 90s are a bit unusual in this neck of the woods, everyone seems to be enjoying a chance to hit the beach!  Fortunately, there’s lots of coastline to enjoy in southern Maine, and you don’t have to venture far from the Maine Stay Inn to find a spot that’s right for you.  In fact, we’re located just a block from the harbor! And that means we are treated to a fantastic afternoon breeze off the water every afternoon.  So after a day at the beach, you can put your feet up, relax in a hammock or just hang out on the front porch watching the horse drawn carriage go by and be cool as a cucumber!  Plus, we’ve always got refreshing cool beverages (like our signature fresh mint iced tea) each afternoon and some sweet freshly baked treats to give you that afternoon pick-me-up we all need.

High tide at the Wells Reserve!
High tide at the Wells Reserve!

This week I have been casually surveying visitors to find out where there favorite spots are to beat the heat in Kennebunkport Maine, and here’s what I’ve found:

  • Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve seems to be a favorite for those looking for peace and quite, as well as those looking to enjoy the ocean without baking in the sun.  They’ve got miles of trails that offer sun protection, but you can still hear, feel, smell, and often see the water.  Plus their quiet beach is very private and serene when you’re ready to frolic in the waves!
  • Gooch’s Beach, just over the bridge in Kennebunk, seems to be a walker’s paradise with paved walkways extending for over a mile.
  • Mother’s Beach is especially family-friendly, offering a more enclosed stretch of sand and a playground for the littlest visitors.
  • Colony Beach is the closest to our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast (just about a half mile stroll from the inn) and the favorite of those looking to head out on foot.
  • The walk along Ocean Avenue and the Parsons Walk out by the Bush Family Compound is the top choice for people looking to enjoy the ocean without getting sandy.  You’re able to enjoy the ocean breeze and cooling mist all along this over two mile stretch, but you won’t feel the pressure to go for a dip if that’s not your thing.

But no matter where you spend the day (and many choose to explore multiple spots), you’ll always be happy to return for some R&R back at the Maine Stay. However you choose to spend your summer vacation in Kennebunkport Maine, you’re never far from the relaxing and refreshing Atlantic Ocean!

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