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Staying Cool During a Kennebunkport Heat Wave

This week has brought an intense heat wave to New England, and Kennebunkport is no exception.  Temperatures have soared into the early and even mid nineties, which is highly unusual for the Maine Coast, but fortunately every room and suite has air conditioning (and some even have brand new energy efficient heat pump based cooling

Ice cream in Kennebunkport is proving to be a great way to beat the heat!

Ice cream in Kennebunkport is proving to be a great way to beat the heat!

systems), so everyone has been cool as a cucumber indoors.  That said, on a bright sunny day, hanging out inside is not normally the number one thing on most agendas!  So we loaded folks up with cool beverages and coolers full of ice to keep them refreshed and well hydrated during their fun in the summer sun.  But even with lots of ice water on board, the high temperatures drove many (but not all!) visitors to Kennebunkport to alter their activities.  Because of the extraordinarily warm weather the water is now unseasonably warm, which means that beach time is really a must, but without a cloud in the sky, most folks have been choosing to hit the sand early in the morning or later in the afternoon and opting for other midday plans.  Many have swapped their sunset sails on multi-masted schooners for those during the day, as the water still brings a deliciously cool breeze even on the hottest of days.  Others have chosen to explore shadier areas like the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge or the Wells Reserve, each of which offer the cooling ocean breeze and tree protection from the sun.  But don’t forget the bug spray, because neither Reserve treats the properties for mosquitos, and it’s never fun to leave a vacation with oodles of bug bites.  Others have chosen to explore as they normally would, but return for a siesta in our backyard in the shade, courtesy of some towering pines.  But my personal favorite way to spend a Kennebunkport is to cool off with a frosty treat!  And with fabulous spots like Goose Rock’s Dairy, Rococo Artisan Ice Cream, and Yo Goody (among quite a few others), you can enjoy your favorite activities with a cool treat in hand.  No matter where you spend your heat wave days in Kennebunkport, there are lots of great options for staying cool!

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