On the Hunt for Oysters in Kennebunkport

While many people visit Kennebunkport thinking of indulging in lots of lobster, more and more folks have approached me recently about finding oysters and other raw bar items at restaurants in town. Fortunately, the Kennebunkport restaurants seem to be listening, because more and more menus seem to be featuring these uncooked delicacies! So here’s a smattering of nearby eateries that are sure to wet your whistle when you’re experiencing a craving for treats on the half shell.

Enjoy treats from the raw bar at Tia's Topside!
Enjoy treats from the raw bar at Tia’s Topside!
  • The Hatch is a new addition to town courtesy of Federal Jack’s Brew Pub, and as its downstairs little sister, its menu is similarly pared down. Focusing on the speciality brews from the Kennebunkport Brewing Company, the menu features things that go great with beer – like burgers and pub style treats, as well as oysters! So grab a beer and a few icy cold oysters while watching the boats passing through the Kennebunkport harbor.
  • The Hurricane is a classic (and classy) restaurant in the heart of Dock Square (and just a short walk from the Maine Stay Inn) whose understated facade doesn’t betray the dining room’s stellar water views. So whether you just want to grab some oysters or littleneck clams at the bar or as a starter for a lovely sit down dinner, you’ll find a great spot here.
  • You’ll find oysters on the half shell during Happy Hour from 3-5 at David’s Kennebunkport, or stay a bit later to indulge in oysters or Count neck clams from the dinner menu. On the waterfront, you’ll find a great spot to grab a bite, but since they take no reservations, be prepared for a wait during peak dinner hours.
  • At Tia’s Topside, you’re able to order a single oyster or littleneck clam from the raw bar, which means that you can mix and match as you watch the boats on the water and the people meandering through town from its perch on Chase Hill.

The truth is, though, that you can’t go wrong at any of these great spots – as long as you like oysters, that is! So the next time you’re craving oysters or raw bar concoctions in Kennebunkport, you can rest assured that you’ll find just the right atmosphere to indulge in this treat from the sea!

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