Outdoor Dining in Kennebunkport

Outdoor dining in Kennebunkport is one of the most frequent requests we hear during the summer months, because even on an unusually hot day like today, the ocean breeze made it very pleasant to relax outside.  Although a few people chose to have breakfast in the comfort of our air conditioned dining room, most people opted to enjoy their breakfast on the wraparound porch.  And even with a cup of hot coffee in hand, everyone was

Enjoy harbor views from Tia's, Federal Jack's, and Arundel Wharf
Enjoy harbor views from Tia’s, Federal Jack’s, and Arundel Wharf

very comfortable, all thanks to our location just one block from the harbor.  But come lunchtime, we were fielding requests for more outdoor dining, and fortunately for Kennebunkport visitors and locals alike, there area lots of great options! Just one block from the Maine Stay Inn, you’ll find the Arundel Wharf, a casual dining restaurant situated on a pier with indoor, tented, and open deck seating (but the tented area is my favorite, offering shade in the heat of the day, and protection from mosquitos in the evening.  If you head away from Dock Square for a bit, you’ll find Mabel’s Lobster Claw, which has a small porch for dining, but unfortunately isn’t right on the water.  In the heart of downtown Kennebunkport, you’ll find Federal Jack’s and Tia’s Topside, each serving casual fare from their perch high about the water. But if you’re looking for something a little different, you could try Pedro’s, the Mexican restaurant – it’s tacos and margaritas make a fantastic pick-me-up, especially when you’re hankering for something other than lobster.  Now, if you do want lobster and the appropriate fried fixin’s, heading out to the Cape Porpoise pier for a nibble at Cape Pier Chowder House and relax at the numerous picnic tables right on the dock.  And fortunately for everyone, David’s Kennebunkport has finally opened at the site of the old Landing Restaurant, complete with a stunning harbor side deck for dining!  Cast your worries aside, because we’ve got lots of great options for outdoor dining in Kennebunkport!

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