What to Expect at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

As someone who has stayed at B&Bs since childhood, I am always surprised at how many folks never have, so it seems like a good idea to talk about what you can expect when staying at a Maine bed and breakfast.  Quite a few people have this idea that staying at a bed and breakfast is kind of like staying at your grandmother’s house, and while that was apparently kind of true back in the day (and by that I mean before I was born), it certainly isn’t the case today.  In fact, BnBs are often just as swanky and professional as high end hotels, but on a smaller scale.  As far as decor goes, though, styles run the gamut, and that is certainly something that holds true at the Maine Stay

You can even have breakfast in the privacy of your own suite!
You can even have breakfast in the privacy of your own suite!

Inn.  I mean, you could choose to stay in an updated traditional room in the main house, or you could choose a bold modern cottage suite or anything in between.  One thing you won’t find?  Doilies.  Many people planning their first ever trip to a Maine bed and breakfast are worried about noise, but there’s no need.  And without those characteristic long hotel hallways, you’ll actually experience much less sound transmission than in a hotel.  In fact, there’s only one thing guests report that draw them out of their cozy beds in the morning – the smell of breakfast!

Which brings me to a very important topic – food!  It seems like a lot of people are worried about having to get up too early in the morning, and since our Kennebunkport Maine bed and breakfast has multiple seating times, there’s no need to lose any beauty sleep.  Plus, if you’re uneasy about sharing a table with strangers, guests in the Cottage suites and Deluxe fireplace suite 12 in the main house can have breakfast delivered to their door.  Or during the warmer months, you can stake a claim on one of the tables for two on our wraparound porch.  But I digress.  Breakfast is not served continental style and it’s definitely more than just muffins and juice.  In fact, our two or three course gourmet breakfast is carefully crafted daily to provide inventive cuisine with a balance of nutrients to keep you fueled throughout the day. No need to worry if you’re a food allergy sufferer or on a special diet – our chef is more than happy to accommodate dietary needs (gluten-free diets are our particular specialty!) as long as you give us a few days notice.

You can expect to enjoy many of the same amenities at a Maine bed and breakfast as you would at a traditional hotel.  You’ll find flat screen televisions, hair dryers, and personal care products, but you’ll also find things like iPod/iPad docking stations, bathrobes, complimentary DVD rentals, and free WiFi.  Free.  And yes, you’ll have your own bathroom.  While many seem to be worried that they might have to share, that is a feature of the past and every room or suite has its own en-suite bathroom.  But there is something that really sets Maine bed and breakfasts apart from a hotel and that is personal attention.  By that I mean attentive staff that want to help you make your getaway as perfect at possible, assisting with everything from finding the ideal restaurant or suggesting running routes to booking your spa appointments or helping stage a romantic proposal.  Even your room shows special care, as every room is decorated individually, so no two are alike!  While I could write an entire book about BnBs, hopefully this addressed some of the myths about this branch of hospitality and helped paint a better picture about what to expect at a Maine bed and breakfast!

















































































































































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