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A Great Summer Day in Kennebunkport!

A gorgeous beach day in Kennebunkport!

A gorgeous beach day in Kennebunkport!

This morning I awoke to a thick fog that was like rain just suspended in mid air, but by the time breakfast was on the table, you could see the sun fighting to emerge from the clouds, and by early afternoon, Kennebunkport was experiencing a truly great summer day!  And what better way to celebrate than to play outdoors?  Well since I couldn’t think of any, I swung through Dock Square to take in the sights and see what others were doing to celebrate the amazing weather.  Sure, there was plenty of shopping and strolling, but there were lots of bikers, kayakers, and runners out and about as well.  Since I still just had to stretch my legs a bit more, I headed out to one of my absolute favorite places (and somewhere that is a must-see during your Maine summer vacation) – the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.  Less than ten minutes from the Maine Stay Inn sits this special tract of land, a former farm encompassing over 1700 acres that has been converted into a nature and wildlife preserve.  As usual, the parking area was pretty empty, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long, because strategically placed signs let me know that some lucky couple was going to be exchanging vows there that evening.  You could hear the soft musical stylings of a talented musical group and see the white chairs being set up in the field.  It was so picturesque!  And while I may have been inclined to oogle, I was on a mission to hit the beach!  So off I went on a leisurely stroll across the fields and into the woods.  Which brought me to my favorite bit of salt marsh.  Which brought me to the beach.  As usual, it was nothing short of spectacular!  Because of the curve of the shoreline, you can look across the water to Kennebunkport, and see St. Ann’s Church poking out into the Atlantic.  Relaxing to the sound of the waves what just what this gorgeous summer day called for, but as the evening breeze picked up, I decided to make the “hike” back and sneak one last peek at the beautiful wedding being held in the Laudholm Farmhouse tonight.  Yes, it sure was a great summer day in Kennebunkport!

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