The Maine Stay Inn Shows its Law Enforcement Love

The entire nation has been on the edge of their seats for most of this past week, and all of us at the Maine Stay Inn were no exception.  As we watched the events unfolding on television and through social media, it became abundantly clear that the law enforcement personnel responding to these heinous crimes went above and beyond to Picture 8calm, protect, and inform the public. Many put their lives on the line (and unfortunately several were lost) in the pursuit of those responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions.  The gratefulness we feel towards Federal and State law enforcement members is impossible to put into words, so instead, we will be showing our thanks by offering 50% off stays to law enforcement members until May 24, 2013.  Not only have these brave souls earned a bit of pampering, but their loved ones also deserve a chance to relax without fearing for their special someone’s safety.  To give thanks to those who serve close to home and across the nation, we want to reward those who protect each and every one of us with a relaxing stay in one of our most luxurious suites.  So until May 24, any active law enforcement officer and their special someone are welcome to enjoy a peaceful Kennebunkport getaway in a plush suites for half price.  This 50% off rate is available on select suites from Sunday through Thursday nights.  We sincerely look forward to honoring the nation’s finest with a dose of hospitality at the Maine Stay Inn.

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