Spring Beach Day in Kennebunkport

April is one of those months in Kennebunkport, and in all of New England, that can bring weather characteristic of just about every season.  Yes, that means hot, sunny days or even those nasty cold snowy days that are reminiscent of January.  Fortunately, though, today was a gorgeous day that felt like the epitome of spring.  No, it wasn’t quite sundress and flip flop weather, but it was definitely warm enough to leave your jackets and fleeces in your room at the Maine Stay Inn.  And since I can’t imagine a better way to spend a perfect spring day in

A perfect day at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport!
A perfect day at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport!

Kennebunkport than at the beach, that’s just where I went!

Now, we all know that one of my go-to spots is the trails and fields and (of course) beaches of Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve, but I decided to mix things up and head out to Goose Rocks Beach.  Located at the northeastern end of Kennebunkport, Goose Rocks is named after the collection of rocks that sit just at the water’s surface a bit off shore and look strikingly like geese bobbing on the water.  While certainly not crowded, I did encounter a handful of others on my walk, but was startled to turn a corner and see a large group of people releasing two giant balloons into the air.  What on earth could they be doing?  As I got closer, it became perfectly clear – a wedding!  Boy, that lucky bride hit the weather jackpot!  Not only was this one of the most pristine spring days that I could imagine, but the water took on a stunning shade of aquamarine.  And as I got closer to the water’s edge and contemplated the idea of putting my feet in, I was reminded of just how clean the water is in Kennebunkport.  Now, if I hadn’t remembered that it is still April and that the last vestiges of snow melted about two weeks ago (yes, we sure had some big piles this year!), I totally would have!  Now that spring has officially arrived in Kennebunkport, it’s time to take advantage of the pristine, quiet beaches!

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