Hiking "The Secret Garden" in Kennebunkport Maine

As you may know, getting outdoors (no matter the season!) is one of my absolute favorite past times, so when I learned about “The Secret Garden” just over the border from Kennebunkport Maine, I just had to find it.  But after a little bit of research about this hidden gem, I worried that it could potentially be a bit mucky.  And with springtime often associated with “mud season” from the melting snow and showers that bring May flowers the concern was

Hiking the Secret Garden!
Hiking the Secret Garden!

real, as this wooded trail features countless bubbling brooks and pretty streams.  Even the recent stretch of warmer weather and sunny days, some of the soil was a bit soggy, but considering the fact that the last piles of snow have just barely melted, it was to be expected.  I just should have planned my footwear better!  So this weekend, I snuck away from the Maine Stay Inn for a little while to take advantage of the incredible weather to finally go exploring.

Now, I probably run/drive/bike by the Port Road cemetery on a daily basis, but I had never considered that acres of conservation land might lay behind the rows of historic headstones.  And while traversing a cemetery might give some the heeby-geebies, on a such a gorgeous day, there was nothing creepy about it.  So I turned into the main gates and at the far side found a small parking area (it wasn’t large enough to call it a “lot'”).  Leading into the woods, I found a large sign telling me that I was on the right track.  The walk was nothing but spectacular, as the sunshine filtered through the budding trees.  The Kennebunk Land Trust lists the trail as being a 1.5 mile loop, but it felt like more – either because of the challenge of uneven terrain or because I was just enjoying the scenery or both!  To cross boggy areas or the multiple streams, the Trust has built sturdy elevated paths and small bridges to keep you dry.  And while this preserve doesn’t offer a storybook garden with a hidden door like I imagined, it really is a quiet escape.  Best of all, thanks to brand new sidewalks, “The Secret Garden” is an easy walk from Kennebunkport Maine!


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