Kennebunkport Maine Found Nemo!

Now that snow storm Nemo has come and gone in Kennebunkport Maine, we are reflecting on one of the largest snowfalls ever and enjoying the beautiful scenery that comes with it!  Just 86 miles to our south, Boston received 24.9 inches of the white stuff, making it the 5th largest snowfall total from a single storm, and nearby Portland, ME broke all time records with their 31.9 inches of snow.

Sledding in Kennebunkport Maine
Sledding in Kennebunkport Maine

While we didn’t get quite that much, there is plenty of snow around!  Fortunately, Kennebunkport Maine does an astounding job at snow removal, so things are up and running smoothly in town.  Now, I may be a little biased, but I have never seen anything more beautiful!

Wintertime activities abound, so folks are out and about, taking advantage of the bright blue skies and sparkling snow (don’t forget your sunscreen!), with snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and sledding.  Even before the sun came out yesterday, adults and kids alike could be found taking advantage of the great sledding conditions, so you can be sure that the slopes are going to be well utilized today!  But even those who aren’t snow bunnies are enjoying the scenes, taking leisurely drives along the coast and Instagram-ing the heck out of it.  Back at the Maine Stay Inn, though, cocoa, coffee, and tea is flowing as visitors are enjoying cozying up by the fireplace in the living room and in the privacy of their rooms and suites.  We can’t imagine a more romantic and relaxing way to spend a few days, and with Valentine’s Day just days away it just seems so appropriate.  So if you haven’t planned your romantic getaway yet, make sure you take advantage of the idyllic scene set by Nemo!

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