Kennebunkport Innkeeper Heads to Las Vegas Conference

One of the Maine Stay Inn and Cottage’s innkeepers has just touched down in Las Vegas for the annual PAII conference.  And, no, that’s no euphemism – she really is attending courses, seminars, and meetings!  The Professional Association of Innkeepers International holds a terrific conference once a year in different cities throughout the nation, and we never miss out on a chance to

Kennebunkport meets Las Vegas at the 2013 Innkeeping Conference
Kennebunkport meets Las Vegas at the 2013 Innkeeping Conference

learn about the ever changing hospitality industry.  So while Walter’s feeling a little jealous that Judi is skipping out on him and some light snow showers this week, he knows that she always gets a tremendous amount of information out of the meetings.  And what is she busy learning about, you might ask?  With dozens of classes ranging from cooking and social media to photography and software, there are more options than one person can take advantage of during the week.  We’ll certainly fill you in on all of the great things she’ll learn this year, but we’ll have to wait until she comes back to Kennebunkport on Friday for that!

Each year we learn about changes in technology that impact hospitality, in our office, on the web, and in guest rooms and then have the opportunity to check out some great solutions in the trade show (oh hey, iPad docking stations in our rooms).  But one of the best things is getting to meet and work with vendors that specialize in working with bed and breakfasts like ours.  Ever wonder where we find our linens?  At the PAII conference!  I mean who could buy towels without getting to feel them first?!  Or how about our awesome hand-thrown mugs that you can microwave?  Yep, we found those from Deneen Pottery, one of the sponsors of the PAII conference!  So while all of us in Kennebunkport are missing Judi this week, we know that she’s working hard to bring back awesome ideas and products to the Maine Stay Inn!

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