Ringing in 2013 at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

So I may have spent a large part of this afternoon baking Christmas cookies and singing (off-key, of course) to some rather iconic songs, but I have been thinking about how excited I am to celebrate New Year’s at our Maine Bed and Breakfast!  Every year we have had an amazing time ringing in the new year with visitors and friends spending the holiday in Kennebunkport, and we hope this year will be no exception.  Every year we’ve tweaked our plan to make it the most fun night of the year.  Last year we just loved

New Year's Eve at Maine Bed and Breakfast
Ring in 2013 with a Bed and Breakfast Getaway!

having great finger foods (both hot and cold) and other delicious nibbles available all evening long, so we’re going to continue that again this year.  So get your appetite on, because whether you’re planning on going out to eat at one of the excellent Kennebunkport restaurants celebrating in style or have a late lunch and just want to nosh at the inn, they’ll be plenty of food for you!  And in addition to watching the ball drop and the great New Year’s Eve coverage, we’ll have great group games and fun activities for those looking for something a little lower key.

Now, if you’re anxious for some quiet time with your special someone, that’s a-okay with us!  But, that shouldn’t deter you from popping in to the main house for some great “grub”.  If you’ve been following us on Pinterest, you might be able to guess about some of the things on the menu for this New Year’s Eve, but I am certainly not going to spill the beans on all aspects.  Plus, on New Year’s Day, forgo breakfast in lieu of a multi-course brunch. And if you’re staying in one of the cottage suites can certainly be delivered to your door – brunch in bed?  Yes, please!  And if you just have to leave, you’ll enjoy late check-out too.  So take a break from your Christmas shopping and wrapping (or Hanukkah thank-you note writing) and plan a relaxing New Year’s escape to a Maine Bed and Breakfast to ring in 2013!

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