Gearing Up For Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right upon us, but we’re in full swing gearing up for Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude. In fact, as I was driving through Dock Square just moments ago, and found people setting up the Christmas tree! The garlands are up, adorning the sides of the bridge and all of the lamp and electrical posts lining the streets.  So while we haven’t quite broken out our festive decorations (but it’s coming,

The Christmas Prelude tree is going up in Kennebunkport's Dock Square!
Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude

that’s for sure!), the town is really filling us with holiday cheer!

So after our bellies are filled tomorrow and we share our thanks for the blessings in our lives, we’ll start the preparation in earnest, because we certainly want to keep up Kennebunkport’s reputation as having one of the best Christmas celebrations in the nation.  And Christmas Prelude is certainly worth it’s title, with festive decor tastefully gracing the homes and bed and breakfasts of the Historic District and a plethora of merriment-filled activities.  At the Maine Stay Inn, we are particularly looking forward to the second weekend of Christmas Prelude, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years.  Don’t get me wrong, the first weekend is incredible, and with the throngs of people milling about, the town just comes alive with Christmas spirit.  But the second weekend encompasses our favorite events, with classic events like tree lighting and caroling, but also incredible events like fireworks, doggie parades, and an inn-to-inn open house.  But last year, the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport debuted our new fave – a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for an inn, complete with caroling and holiday goodies.  So while all of us are looking forward to Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, we can’t wait for a delicious feast tomorrow and spending time with those important in our lives.  We hope that you all have an opportunity to do the same and look forward to sharing this joyous holiday season with you!

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