Celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

The idea of celebrating Thanksgiving at a Maine bed and breakfastmight seem like an unconventional idea to some, but for many it’s a favorite tradition.  In fact, ten years ago my family had our very first introduction to Kennebunkport when we came to celebrate Thanksgiving.  With relatives scattered far and wide, making the traditional Turkey Day feast seemed a little excessive for our family of three, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and pair a food-filled getaway with a college tour and ended up settling on a Maine bed and breakfast right here in Kennebunkport!  What a fortuitous choice!  But even before deciding to take up

Thanksgiving at a maine bed and breakfast
A gorgeous Thanksgiving Day in Kennebunkport!

residence in town, we made it an annual tradition.  And considering that no one in my family can ever agree on what we should cook, going out to eat is the ideal solution!  That way everyone can select what they want and none of us has to slave over a stove for hours – but heartfelt thanks go to those in area restaurants who take on that task for all of us!

Even now that we call Maine our home, going out for Thanksgiving dinner is a fantastic treat, and something that our visitors cherish as well.  Whether they’re visiting children in New England colleges, finding a fun location for spread-apart family members to come together, or just looking for a relaxing reprieve, folks really embrace the idea of not spending the day in the kitchen.  And this year there really was no clear “winner,” as they shared the love between all the restaurants in town, including On the Marsh Bistro, the White Barn, Grissini, Pier 77, and One Dock, among others.

But even after indulging in the afternoon or early evening, more than 25 people joined us in the dining room to enjoy some light refreshments just to take the edge off.  The festivities morphed into relaxed hands of cards and a few board games, but slowly “food coma” set in and set everyone packing for bed – myself included!  All in all, Thanksgiving was an incredible day filled with food, fun, and family – made even more fun since they weren’t my own!


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