A Beautiful Election Day in Kennebunkport

Boy, has Mother Nature been kind to us in Kennebunkport today!  Although it was a pretty chilly morning, we awoke to bright, cloudless skies and sun pouring into our kitchen windows.  You do know this isn’t going to be a political blog entry, right, folks?  So anyhow, after breakfast we each headed out to do our civic duty on this, the first Tuesday of November, and cast our votes in state and national elections.  But even when you’re an innkeeper, you need to play a little hooky now and again, so a quick trip to the beach seemed like just what the doctor ordered!  And the Kennebunkport beaches sure did not disappoint.  We took a moment to

kennebunkport maine
What a beautiful day in Kennebunkport!

appreciate just how gorgeous the Maine coastline was and how lucky we are to get to share our favorite spots with visitors to the area.  But, because it was election day, we also took a second to note that despite being associated with one famous Presidential family, we’ve never had to wrangle with voting hassles, since the Bush family typically migrates south around the middle of October.  Now, you may or may not know that before moving to Kennebunkport, we lived in Belmont, MA, home to presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.  After talking with friends from our old home, we were really counting our blessings, because apparently the lines to vote were unfathomable and the traffic horrendous.  Just another reason we’re so happy to be at the Maine Stay Inn!  Now, most people don’t have the opportunity to hit the beach on their way to the polls, but when you’re ready for your salt air fix, we’ve got you covered.  No matter what happens in tonight’s races, we are so fortunate to have enjoyed another spectacular day in Kennebunkport and look forward to sharing this incredible area with you!

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