Getting Ready For Our Annual Gluten Free Weekend!

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost upon us, but with the help of our trusty new friend and social media invention, Pinterest, we’ve got that covered – it’s our annual gluten free weekend that’s got me frazzled!  Now, at our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast, handling gluten free diets at any point is no biggie.  Since our family has well over a decade of gluten-free cooking under our belts (not combined – that is in real, calendar years!), we’re very familiar with the quirks of working with gluten free substitutes

pinterest breakfast recipes
Help us decide on gluten free recipes that we’re considering on our Pinterest board of breakfast recipes!

and tweaking almost any recipe so it is safe for our gluten intolerant visitors (and for me, the resident taste-tester).  But somehow making everything we serve during the first weekend of November something GF seems like a way bigger deal!  I’ve spent the last year trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to serve.  Now, it doesn’t help that I am in love with what we served last year…  Seriously, I dream about the almond angel food cake whoopie pies with peach preserves basically daily.

Like I have mentioned before, I have a new addiction.  Pinterest.  Oh lordy, it’s worse for procrastination that Facebook!  I digress, but I have been scouring Pinterest for the prettiest and most inventive breakfast recipes that are naturally gluten free or lend themselves to effective substitutions.  And snacks.  And candies.  And non-breakfast deliciousness.  The problem, now, is that there are just too many options!  Thanks goodness that at the Maine Stay Inn we alternate sweet and savory breakfasts, because if I had to choose I would really be up the creek!  So instead of sharing a sneak peek at our upcoming menu, I need your help to narrow it down.  So hop online and check out the recipes that I am deciding between on our board called “Yummy Breakfast Recipes” and let me know what sounds best!  It’s hard to believe that our annual Gluten Free weekend is just around the corner, but with your help, I know we can make it the best one yet!

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