Wining and Dining in Kennebunkport

The weather has been absolutely fabulous in Kennebunkport lately (Mother Nature, keep up the good work!), and a few nights ago was no exception, so we decided to head to Old Vines Wine Bar for dinner.  While its roots were originally as a wine bar, featuring a few delightful nibbles, the repertoire has expanded greatly.  The assortment of wines has stayed large and excellent, the menu now includes a full bar.  And in addition to cured meats and cheeses, you can now order a variety of light dishes.  So on a day when lunch happened rather late and a hearty dinner wasn’t required, we ventured to Old Vines to satiate ourselves.  Less than a half

wine bar in Kennebunkport Maine
The wall of wine at Old Vines!

mile from our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, it is an easy walk on streets that have good sidewalks (though that doesn’t always mean well lit, so check your dresser drawer for the flashlight we’ve left – you’ll likely want it on your trip home).  Now that they’ve added a great outdoor dining area (complete with a fire pit!), parking is a bit more limited, but, as is the case for much of Kennebunkport, street parking is pretty easy.  So if you decide to go with footwear not conducive for meandering, know that driving is definitely an option.

Old Vines sets a great tone for dining in Kennebunkport right from the second you enter.  The lighting is intimate, but still provides enough for some solid people watching (if you’re anything like me, that is!).  The walls are lined with the wood from different cases of wine, each emblazoned with their signature logo.  And just as important, the seating is comfy, but not lounge-chair-like.  While enjoying a beverage, we perused the food menu, starting with salads (which were out of this world, BTW!) and progressing to the tapas and hot sandwiches.  Unfortunately, we just didn’t have any room for the beautiful assortment of meats and cheeses.  Instead, we watched nearby tables gobble theirs up in a snap.  Fortunately for guests of the Maine Stay Inn, Old Vines offers a great opportunity for wining and (light or not-so-light) dining in Kennebunkport!

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