Visiting Kennebunkport Maine In September

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is already upon us, but fortunately September is a fabulous month in Kennebunkport Maine!  Honestly, September is the forgotten month of summer up here, and while the evenings may be a tad cooler (and who doesn’t love throwing on a cardigan or sweatshirt for a post-dinner stroll?), the days are basically indistinguishable from those of August.  So don’t pack away that swimsuit yet, because there is plenty of fun in the sun to be had this month!  But the beauty of taking your

Check out this quiet beach in Kennebunkport!

“summer vacation” in September is that since most kiddos are back in school – or at least will be this week – the sand is much less populated and far more peaceful.  Did I mention that the water is warmer now than ever?  Yep, it’s true – September brings the warmest water temperatures of the year in Kennebunkport Maine.  But if you’re like my mother, not even that fact will persuade her to take a dip, however, the solitude you’ll find along the shore is still ideal for resting, relaxing, or catching up on some great reading.  Forgot your book?  Take a peek at some of the titles in our miniature library of beach reading or hit up the never ending book sale at the Graves Memorial Library just down the street from the Maine Stay Inn.  Plus with titles starting at just fifty cents, you can stock up on some new reads!

Fortunately for my prone-to-imitating-a-lobster skin, there are oodles of fun things to do in the area that don’t revolve around soaking up some rays.  As always, the galleries have some incredible exhibits up that are just begging for perusing, and the restaurants are in full swing to keep you fueled for exploring the area.  And after an August with lots of sunshine, you’ll find that more and more Kennebunkport restaurants will be featuring local produce on their menus.  But as you know, Kennebunkport is full of fun activities, so stay tuned for updates and upcoming events.

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