Tours of the Wedding Cake House Have Begun!

tour the wedding cake house in maine
Take a tour of the Wedding Cake House!

On my way to our Maine Bed and Breakfast each day, I pass the Wedding Cake House, which could very possibly be the most photographed private home in Maine. It’s beyond incredible. Now, since my architectural knowledge is really pretty advanced, I just know that those twizzles and twirlies and intricately carved doo-hickeys are pretty snazzy! Okay, I basically know that a house has a roof and walls, but this one is amazing. It’s hard to believe that this home (and it is really a private home) could have been so well preserved and restored over the years without losing any of its splendor, but it seemingly has. The Wedding Cake House is believed to have been built in 1815, which makes this architectural feat even more amazing, because that was long before the invention of power tools and laser cutters.

At one point, the building fell in great disrepair, but the current owner, Jimmy Barker, purchased the home and restored the facade and interior with incredible TLC. His personal art collections grace the walls, except for the front stairwell, which features a curved mural wrapping its way up the spiral staircase, depicting scenes from Summer Street in downtown Kennebunk all the way into Kennebunkport. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite reach to the Maine Stay Inn, though depending on the date the mural was commissioned, it might not even have been built yet!

Nevertheless, for visitors to our Maine bed and breakfast and locals alike, tours of the Wedding Cake House should not be missed! And since they run daily from now through October 15, 2012, you’ve got plenty of time to sneak one in. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to go back for more! So after enjoying breakfast, you can pop over for a tour anytime between 10 am and 4 pm, but keep in mind that the last organized tour starts at 3:30. This is only the third time that the Wedding Cake House has been opened to the public, as it is a private residence, and it’s all for a great cause – combatting hunger in York County (the southernmost county in Maine). So while a $10 donation is suggested, it’s for a great cause, so you can enjoy a fun one-in-a-blue-moon activity and know that you’re doing a good deed!

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