Visiting the Best Beaches in Kennebunkport

Every day at least one guest at our Maine bed and breakfast asks which is the best beach in Kennebunkport, and that is never a question I can answer!  The problem is simple – they are all lovely!  But fortunately, each is “best” for something.  So here’s my attempt at explaining them and why they are so excellent:

  • Colony Beach: Less than a half mile from the inn, this beach is definitely walkable, which is a huge perk for folks who want
    Another gorgeous evening along the best beaches of Kennebunkport!

    to stay out of their car on vacation, eat that extra scoop of ice cream, of just want to check out a scenic spot.

  • Gooch’s Beach: The area’s largest stretch of sandy beaches, this beach can sometimes lose 100% of its coastline, as an extremely high tide can relegate swimmers to the sea wall.  Fortunately, it’s a high wall, providing excellent vista.
  • Middle Beach:  Mostly full of flat, smooth rocks, this stretch is ideal for quietly reading or skipping rocks.
  • Mother’s Beach: Families, this one’s for you.  With easy access to a playground and clear boundaries on either end, it is ideal for someone to keep tabs on their little ones.
  • Goose Rock’s Beach:  A gorgeous spot, that’s for sure, but with very high rates to park your car, it’s best feature is that fresh sand dollars.

We’re very lucky at the Maine Stay Inn to have such a fabulous assortment of beaches, and are so pleased that Mother Nature has made such scenic vistas across the area.

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