Passing Along the Red Chair to Another Maine Bed and Breakfast

The last few days have been lots of fun as we welcomed the traveling Red Chair to Kennebunkport and the Maine Stay Inn.  But all good things have to come to an end, an this is no exception, as we prepare to pass it along to another Maine bed and breakfast.  It seems funny to give this slightly worn red chair a crash course in visiting Kennebunkport, but it sure has been a blast!  It’s taken a

Kennebunkport St. Ann's Church
The red chair at the door of St. Ann’s Episcopal church

tour of Dock Square and stopped at the “Welcome to Kennebunkport” sign; it’s been to the beaches (but not gone in the water – we’ve got to save some of that bright red paint for others to enjoy!) and out to Cape Porpoise.  It’s been photographed by the Bush estate and the anchor honoring George H.W. Bush’s contributions to the United States.  It’s been on jetties and rocky crags, on hillsides and on river banks.

So today, after joining us on the porch for breakfast, we decided to take the red chair one last place before we pass it along to another Maine bed and breakfast.  And given the absolutely spectacular weather we experienced this morning and afternoon, we decided that it should visit St. Ann’s Episcopal church for a little look-see.  Visiting turned out to be a real treat, as it’s been quite a while since I last checked it out.  No wonder couples wait years for the opportunity to marry inside – it’s just incredible!  But regardless of religious preference, the church’s historic edifice and amazing location meant that it was ideal for picture taking.  Next on the agenda?  Stopping by to experience one of their outdoor services… right along the coastline! Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another visit from the Red Chair, as we pass it off tomorrow to another Maine bed and breakfast.

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