Our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast's New Look!

We were pleased to welcome back photographer Christian Giannelli to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfastto check out our newest renovations.  It’s been like torture to wait and show all of our friends and visitors the changes we worked so hard on this spring and summer.  But the wait has finally ended!  So while we haven’t quite gotten the chance to update the pictures on our

Kennebunkport bed and breakfast living room
Out with the old…

website, we’re proud to show you the fruits of our labor.

So here’s the story:  This spring, as we walked in the front door, my mother and I commented on the fact that, despite renovating every guest room, the kitchen, dining room, and hallways over the last four years, the very first impression (the living room) has maintained much of its previous character.  It needed to change.  So we discussed it and decided that the best time for a big-time overhaul like this one would be after Christmas Preludein December.  Well, as you know, once we get an idea in our heads, we’re just not very good at waiting!  So as soon as we finished serving breakfast, the ladders came out and the wallpaper came down. Poor Walter just didn’t know what hit him.  We had to scrape his jaw off the floor when he saw the bare walls and said

new Kennebunkport bed and breakfast living room
And in with the new!

“But…but I thought you said after Christmas!” He got over it pretty quickly, though, as he welcomed our color change, but he certainly was skeptical that we could pull off a change with so little preparation.  It took some creative thinking when it came to furniture, but we carried off the swap in stages.  That said, it has been fully complete for a while now.  Recent visitors to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast have really enjoyed our new look, and are really utilizing the new space to lounge and watch the Olympic Games.  Overall, it seems like this is a great new look for the Maine Stay Inn, but you’ll just have to weigh in and let us know!

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