New England Bed and Breakfasts Receive the "Red Chair"

Many of you know that the Maine Stay Inn has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a very special visitor – the traveling red chair.  It began its journey on Cape Cod, and has since traveled to many New England Bed and Breakfasts, experiencing iconic destinations

red chair new england bed and breakfast
Can you spot the fisherman in the background?

throughout the region.  Over the past few months, it has spent three or four days at a time relaxing at B&Bs throughout the area.  As the hosts of the red chair, we have just a few obligations – to show treat the chair as a cherished guest, showing them all around our community, and take pictures of the red chair enjoying the setting.

So on day one (today), I began to get used to some of the weird looks I got,I hauled this rather heavy wooden red chair through town.  Because the weather was glorious, I decided that this was a great excuse to go to the beach.  And, since I was feeling

especially adventurous, I decided to introduce the chair to Colony beach for a shot on the jetty.  Unlike our human guests, though, I was worried that the salt water might damage the finish, so I placed it just outside the reach of the waves.  Considering that this image was taken from a dinky little iPhone camera, it’ pretty impressive that this little Red Chair takes such a good pic!  That just goes to show you how spectacular the coastline and New England Bed and Breakfast destinations really are.  So stay tuned for more images and explorations of the Red Chair during this visit to our New England Bed and Breakfast!

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