Checking Out Stripers, a Kennebunkport Restaurant

Tonight I finally checked off something on my long-term “to do” list – dining at the Kennebunkport restaurant Stripers.  It’s barely a half mile from the Maine Stay Inn, but somehow I’ve just missed out on testing it out.  Well, mission accomplished!  So let’s set the scene… It’s a warm August evening, and the cloud cover from a passing afternoon shower has cleared, leaving the air fresh and the

Kennebunkport restaurant Stripers
Check out that view from the dining room at Stripers!

sky stunning.  We decided to drive over (even though it would only be a ten or fifteen minute stroll), mostly because it was going to be dark when we would be headed home.  And despite being equipped with a flashlight (yep, every single guest room is!), we decided not to take any chances.

Unfortunately, parking is at a premium, but the local lot had plenty of empty spots (definitely a perk for eating later).  That said, valet parking is always an option.  Walking up, we couldn’t have asked for a better view or service.  The staff was welcoming and prepared for us, but who could notice anything except the beautiful painted sky above the Kennebunk River?!  Not me!  The menu, while a little long, truly offered something for everyone, with an extensive seafood selection and many options for “landlubbers.”  During the wait for entrees (we were all saving room for dessert), we enjoyed some bread and deliciously salty, whipped butter, along with a delightful amuse bouche to set the tone.

Stripers clearly is a Kennebunkport Restaurant with a skilled chef (or chefs), because the plates arrived artfully arranged and the  combination of flavors was excellent.  Some dishes featured more exotic ingredients, while others tested out new versions of old faves. Besides the view, the highlight of the meal, though, was dessert.  Their deep chocolate sorbet stole the show and nearly eclipsed the breathtaking scenery as the highlight of the evening  – second only to our guest of the evening, a dear friend celebrating a very special birthday.  So the overall report? Kennebunkport restaurant, Stripers, is a great spot for waterfront dining – add it to your list!

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