Author Visits Kennebunkport Library

As many people know, Kennebunkport is very invested in the arts, especially fine and culinary arts (galleries and restaurants, I am lookin’ at you!), but our local libraries do an excellent job of bringing literature to the community and visitors.  Throughout the summer, published authors have visited the Graves Public Library, sharing pieces of their books and the stories of their inspiration.  But a few nights ago, the visiting author held special meaning for us at the Maine Stay, as she is one of our neighbors.  And not

Kennebunkport Library
Visiting authors are not to be missed at Kennebunkport’s Graves Library

only that, but we had the pleasure of having her wonderful parents as guests before they moved to town!

So while most of our visitors were out to dinner, we strolled a few doors down the street to celebrate the release of Stephanie Kate Strohm‘s newly released book, Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink.  Set in a fictional Maine community that is home to a living history museum, the book is a young adult fusion of Nancy Drew and Scooby-Doo, with a twist of school-girl romance.  Now, who wouldn’t love that?  So as friends, family, and eager readers listened, Stephanie shared the whirlwind story of how she penned this great tale and her adventures into the publishing world.  And while she shrugged off her success, chalking it up to little more than luck, the audience realized what incredible talent this young lady possesses.  Not only is this kind, hard-working 25-year-old a published author, but she’s got another one in the works! We’re already looking forward to her return to Kennebunkport next year for a reading from her next book, due out in Spring 2013.

In addition to picking up my very own copy (and autographed, I might add!) at the Kennebunkport Public Library the other night, I realized that an incredible assortment of writers grace their halls throughout the summer (and the year).  It’s a resource I rarely gave much thought, but that’s changed now that I know what wonderful programming comes through.  So stay tuned for updates on more events just around the corner from the Maine Stay Inn!

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