Upcoming Events in Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport Maine is full of fun activities throughout the year, but this weekend offers an exceptional number of exciting things to do – both indoors and out!  And while the weather is forecasted to be phenomenal, some of the indoor options might just be what the doctor ordered when you need a break from the sun, which is something I certainly need in order to not look like a lobster (that particular shade of red is excellent on my plate, but not on me!).  So here’s a sampling of some of the great events happening around town and the nearby area this weekend:

  • Tomorrow morning, ambitious visitors can jump in to Nicole’s Run, a 5k course along Kennebunk Beach, benefitting Caring Unlimited, a non-profit aimed at preventing domestic violence and assisting sufferers in need.  Plus, you can sneak in your
    summer evening in Kennebunkport Maine
    Enjoy a glorious summer weekend filled with great events in Kennebunkport Maine!

    morning run while benefitting a great cause and still be back for breakfast at the Maine Stay Inn.

  • If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, try the guided bird walk at Laudholm Farm.  Since it starts at 7:30, you can make our 9:30 or 10:00 breakfast options with no problem!
  • Later in the day, you can explore the 18th Annual Private Gardens of the Kennebunks Tour or check out the Designer Show House at the Kenneth Roberts Estate.  Either way, you’ll get to enjoy some of the most spectacular homes and gardens in the area, though with the garden tour, you’ll have to settle for being a pepping Tom!  No medicine cabinet poking allowed!
  • Closer to your home away from home (that is what we strive to be, after all), you can hit up the book blowout at the Graves Memorial Library or the gallery show at Home Away, featuring Lakota inlay artist, Kevin Pourier.
  • And if you’re hankering for some cultural refinement, check out the opening artists’ reception at the True North Gallery in Kennebunkport Maine or the Dance By the River, hosted at the Kennebunk River Club, just up the street.
  • Sunday is Moxie Day at the Seashore Trolley Museum and features Moxie model railroads and memorabilia – a day not to be missed!
  • Cap it off with a Broadway Revue on Sunday evening at the Colony hotel – the perfect opportunity to enjoy live music and a cocktail on a glorious summer evening!

As always, though this is just a smattering of the incredible things to do in Kennebunkport Maine and is definitely not anywhere close to an exhaustive list, so let us know what interests you, and we’ll happily guide you!

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