Summertime Improvements at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

At your average Maine Bed and Breakfast, summertime doesn’t bring much in terms of changes – trimming bushes, touching up paint, or fixing those problems that just crop up now and then – but the Maine Stay Inn is no average B&B!  We’re working on projects daily and, of course, keeping on top of those daily issues (think a rattling air conditioner or a loose toilet seat).  This

We’ve been working on the gardens, and the day lillies are loving it!

summer we’ve debuted some great new lawn and porch furniture, with more to arrive shortly – absolutely fantastic for soaking up some sun in our wonderful backyard.  The gardens have seen some major overhauls and expansions, with a host of new plants that should bring some great color and texture to the landscape.  And as we speak, we’re in the middle of two sizable projects in the yard – creating a peaceful retreat in the side yard between cottage suites 5 and 6 and removing the old foundation and “sunken garden” from the backyard.  Trying to save the existing perennials while leveling the area is proving to be a fun adventure!

Inside our Maine Bed and Breakfast, too, the changes keep coming!  The living room renovation is finally complete, and we’ve even brought in a flat panel TV so that we have a good spot for casual Olympics watching.  Can you believe the Opening Ceremonies are just days away?!  Even the kitchen has seen some big changes, with new cabinets, a fresh color scheme, and a brand new ceiling!  Of course, we couldn’t stop there, could we?  Of course not!  So with tech-friendly changes in mind, we’ve added iPad docking stations to more rooms and even brought a bigger flat screen to Captain Walker’s Suite 16.  So now you can flip on your favorite station in the morning and brew yourself a cup ‘o joe, because we’ve even brought in your very own Keurig coffee brewer.

But as you know, we’re not a Maine bed and breakfast known for sitting on our laurels, so stay tuned for more changes inside and out as the summer progresses.  Stay cool!

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