Packing for a Picnic in Kennebunkport Maine

I have recently found that lots of folks are looking to plan a quiet, intimate picnic in Kennebunkport Maine this summer, so I have been spending quite a bit of time figuring out exactly how I would want my ideal summer picnic to go. And, of course, that means that I am going to share those plans with you!  First and foremost, I would have to pick just the right location.  Fortunately, there

A perfect evening for a picnic in Kennebunkport Maine!

are lots of wonderful spots to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner in Kennebunkport, but one stands out to me as ideal. Located under three miles from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, the park at the end of the Cape Porpoise Pier takes the cake in my book.  Not only is it convenient for picking up great prepared foods (don’t worry, I will get to that a little later), but its proximity to three dining options , means that you can pick up any of the food items you may have forgotten.  Parking here is limited, but because a picnic is considered “recreation,” you can snag a spot at no charge (and no passes required).  The rocks and benches right at the entrance are certainly picturesque, but they tend to be a little on the louder side.  If you head down one of the narrow paths to the water’s edge, you will find countless nooks for a private moment with your hubby.  And if you hit it just right and the tide is out, you can even sit on a small stretch of sand.

What truly makes the picnic, though, is the food.  So on your way from the Maine Stay Inn to your date with Mother Nature, make sure to stop at the Cape Poropise Kitchen.  With their great variety of prepared foods, wines, and cheeses, you’ll be be on cloud nine.     So next time you are hankering for an old-fashioned picnic, look no further than Kennebunkport!

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