Off the Beaten Path Kennebunkport Restaurants

On a particularly busy weekend like this one, finding a last-minute Kennebunkport restaurant with open reservations can be a bit of a challenge.  And even though we ask all of our visitors about a week in advance if they would like us to make dining reservations for them, sometimes you just want to be spontaneous!  But that certainly doesn’t have to mean compromising on good food at a time

kennebunk inn dinner
Another great dinner at Academe at the Kennebunk Inn!

that works for you.  I mean, sure, I could get reservations tonight at my favorite eatery in town, but I was going to have to eat at 5 or at 10.  I don’t know about you, but 5 p.m. is just about snack time, and the only thing I eat at 10 is ice cream – that’s a rule!  Fortunately, though, there are several lesser known (and maybe a little bit farther away) Kennebunkport restaurants that are perfect, especially for a night like tonight.

Lucas On 9 is one such place, mostly because its location halfway between Cape Porpoise means that it’s not a prime location for foot traffic.  It’s a casual spot that is family-friendly and has a great bar, which is something that is definitely tough to find.  With a very reasonably priced menu, it fits the bill for almost any traveler.  And can they ever cook!  Usually causal dining restaurants are the place to order fries and not broccoli, but at Lucas on 9, they do veggies justice.  But most importantly, the family that owns and operates Lucas is incredibly kind, hard-working, and dedicated to their patrons – who could ask for more in a place?

Much closer to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, Mekhong Thai is a great spot for a good meal within walking distance.  Sure, Maine isn’t exactly known for its curry, but there are plenty of times that lobster just isn’t calling your name.  And times like that are what make Mekhong a great fit for the area.  And since they don’t compromise quality just because the locals might not know better, the food is always fresh, the vegetables crisp, and the service attentive.  It’s a win all around.

A little further away in downtown Kennebunk lie two great restaurants – 50 Local and the Kennebunk Inn.  50 Local is known especially for its funky, modern vibe and use of ingredients sourced from local and organic farms.  Directly across the street, you will find Academe, the restaurant inside the Kennebunk Inn.  A personal haunt, we visit regularly, almost always sitting at the bar, where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t like the dining room, because it is spacious and clean, with simple decor, but after a long day, my family and I are ready to talk to someone else – not just each other! Truthfully, though, any of these restaurants are great choices for dining in Kennebunkport, so Bon Appetite!



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