Lobster Lunches in Kennebunkport Maine

This afternoon I found myself chatting with guests about where they should enjoy a lobster lunch in Kennebunkport, and realized that there happen to be quite a few fantastic options.  Much to their chagrin, they had learned that Nunan’s Lobster Hut, our go-to for uber-casual fresh lobster, was only open for dinner.  Yes, it’s true!  But when they’re out catching your dinner, you really can’t

lobster boats kennebunkport maine
Enjoy picturesque views like this from Cape Pier Chowder House!

fault them, can you?  I mean, I am certainly willing to wait a few extra hours if it means getting my meal fresh off the boat!

Now since I believe that you can’t truly experience lobster without getting messy, it seems like a casual atmosphere puts a place at the top of my list.  For that very reason, I definitely recommend Cape Pier Chowder House.  Plus, the views are pretty stellar too.  So drink in the sights while you wait on their deck for your meal.  And the fact that it’s situated right on the pier so you  can watch other lobster eaters is just an unexpected bonus!  But if you are looking for just a touch more pampering, try the Arundel Wharf Restaurant, located just a block from the Maine Stay Inn.  And with tented, outdoor, and dining room settings, the whole family is in for a great treat.

But for the ultimate in casual fare, consider picking up an already-cooked (and still warm!) lobster or two from Port Lobster Company.  So pack the paper towels and set up your own seaside picnic or tuck in to the freshest lobsters around in our very own backyard or on our wraparound porch.  And with the ability to simply hose things down when you’re done, there’s no fear about making a mess!  So crack those shells and enjoy some lobster lunches in Kennebunkport Maine.

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