Finding the Maine Stay Inn and Cottages

It turns out that finding the Maine Stay Inn is a pretty easy task, but things like smart phones, navigation systems, MapQuest, and GPS have made it even easier!  Visiting us from the south is very straightforward, with I-95 cutting a path not far from Kennebunkport.  The best route into town is actually to take exit 19 and hop off in Wells.  No, I’m not crazy!  It actually is easier and faster to not get off on the exit labelled Kennebunk/Kennebunkport (that would just be too easy, right?).  So once you’re off the highway, follow the signs to Route 1 (these ones actually are correct), where you will want to go north.  After a few miles laced with

map of Maine Stay Inn and Cottages
Finding the Maine Stay Inn is a breeze!

ice cream shops and restaurants (hungry, anyone?), Route 9 East bears off to the right.  Here you’ll want to take note of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, the Wells Reserve, and Riverhurst Farm – all must see spots for your trip to the Maine Stay Inn and Kennebunkport.  After a few more scenic miles, Route 9 takes you right through the heart of Kennebunkport and appears to come to a halt at a stop sign directly in front of the Nott House, home to the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  Turn right and travel just 8 houses further, where you will find us on your left.

For guests visiting from the north, the Biddeford exit will give you the most direct path, where you will again look for Route 1.  This time, though, you’ll want to head south.  After a rather unexciting drive, you’ll come to a stoplight surrounded by antique stores on the corners of Log Cabin Road.  A left turn puts you on a direct trajectory toward the Maine Stay Inn.  6.2 miles further and you’ll find yourself home sweet home!

But many of you will choose to let TomTom or Siri guide you, but to make them happy, you can plug in our GPS coordinates for the most accurate results.  So while roads may change and routes may be constantly “recalculating”, you’ll always find the Maine Stay Inn at 43°21′35.7582″N 70°28′22.965″W – see you in Kennebunkport!

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