Eating Gluten Free at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

When most people think of a Maine Bed and Breakfast, the morning meal conjures up images of Betty Crocker breads, muffins, and pastries, but when you’re gluten free, that isn’t really going to fly.  And truthfully, that smorgasbord of starchy and sticky pre-made goodies doesn’t fly at all, especially at the Maine Stay Inn.  We put a tremendous amount of thought into planning breakfast, making sure that we prepare something that’s fresh and nutritious.  It may seem strange, but we eat the very same breakfast you are served each and every day.  So if it doesn’t leave me satisfied, that recipe is given the heave-ho.  By the same token, though, if I am

Going gluten-free doesn’t have to mean fun free or meals full of salads!

not feeling energized and raring to go, that breakfast just doesn’t cut it.  Balance is key for our morning meals, as we try to include meats (though never in entrees out of respect for vegetarian and less-carnivorous visitors), high quality lean proteins, fresh fruits, veggies, and something just a little bit sweet and decadent.  But what if you’re gluten-free?

Not to worry, because I am allergic to gluten myself, making sure that our Maine Bed and Breakfast can provide you with a safe and satisfying meal is not a problem.  But because we order our supplies in advance and plan our menus just once a week, we ask for 7 days’ notice just to make sure we have everything we need.  Letting us know the day you arrive just doesn’t give us enough warning to ensure that your breakfast will be just right .  I mean, it takes lots of time, patience, and practice to master the art of gluten-baking, but after 13 years of it, the confidence is certainly building, but no matter what, a true glorious yeast bread doesn’t rise in five minutes, so please give us as much notice as you can! There are some recipes that are easily converted to something gluten free and others that just don’t seem right, so by giving us a shout, that means you can have a delectable and GF friendly meal to start off your vacation.  Plus, when you tell us that you’ll be eating gluten free during your Maine Bed and Breakfast getaway, we’ll make sure to recommend restaurants in town that take special care of their gluten free patrons.  I mean, what’s a vay-cay when you’ve got an empty belly or when you’re stuck noshing on rabbit food?  So next time you’re looking for a Maine Bed and Breakfast that caters to gluten-free foods, the Maine Stay’s got you covered!

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