A Girlfriends' Getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

This summer we have had the privilege of hosting a variety of girlfriends getaways, and each time I remember thinking what a great idea it was for them to escape together to a Maine Bed and Breakfast.  I mean, what could be better than getting together as just the girls when someone else is taking care of the details?  Seriously, though, unlike a hotel, the innkeepers and staff at a B&B are totally dedicated to helping your getaway go perfectly smoothly.  I like to think of us as your personal concierge – we’ll help you

boats at maine bed and breakfast
Enjoy a peaceful escape or a rockin’ retreat at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

figure out what to do, where to eat, and how to celebrate – but only if you want it!  There certainly are plenty of folks who are happy as clams (fried, of course!) to iron our their own details and simply count on us for some awesome afternoon cookies and a hearty breakfast to fend off any lingering “effects” from an evening of celebrating with the gals.  And that’s fine with us!  We just want all of our visitors to be happy and comfortable during their stay.

But as I prepare to spend an upcoming weekend with my girlfriends, I have been reflecting on how much easier it would be if we were staying at a Maine Bed and Breakfast instead!  Trying to coordinate schedules and transportation, dining and activities amongst a dozen women is proving to be quite a challenge, and since no one actually knows the area we’re visiting, it makes me wonder why we didn’t choose a Bed and Breakfast after all!  Seriously, though, we’re figuring out meals and dining spots for three meals a day when, instead, we could just let an innkeeper take control of a meal or two.  How about everyone consulting their favorite review site, Google Maps, and travel blogs just to find a place for dinner?  I think next time I’ll leave it to a pro and let an innkeeper help figure it out.  Plus, the fact that the Maine Stay Inn offers rooms with to two beds or even two bedrooms means that everyone will get a great night’s sleep.  And no one enjoys a group of crabby ladies!  So the next time you’re looking to run away for the night the some friends, look nor further than our Maine Bed and Breakfast – see you soon!

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