Soaking Up Sun in Kennebunkport Maine

One of the best things about summertime in Kennebunkport is soaking up some rays (with sunscreen on, of course!) without overheating – it’s just one of those perks of being a seaside community in New England.  And as the weather has heated up, more and more visitors of the Maine Stay Innare looking for the best tips on where to catch some sun.  So I thought it might be helpful to

The beach is just one of many great spots to enjoy the weather!

keep you in the loop too!

  • The beach.  I would say “Duh!” but then I’d run the risk of sounding like a snotty pre-teen.  While this one might be obvious, there are enough beaches in the area, that this bears narrowing down.  Gooch’s Beach, just across the bridge in Kennebunk, offers the widest stretches of sand, but also tends to be a favorite spot for families, surfers, and groups playing games.  Maybe you’re looking for something more peaceful for your Kennebunkport vay-cay?  If so, Middle Beach tends to be the least populated, mostly because it has the least sand – so bring a chair (we’ve got plenty for you at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast) and dig your toes into the most incredible flat, smooth stones you could dream of!
  • On the water.  During calm seas, many guests choose to head off-shore with one of the many boat rides available in town.  The Schooner Eleanor is probably the most popular choice, as trips stay close to shore (offering incredible views), minimizing the chilly air off the sea and embodies the classic and charming feel of Kennebunkport with this hand-crafted 55′ triple masted ship.  Others prefer to go sightseeing under their own steam and rent canoes or kayaks for some on-the-water fun – but definitely make sure you slather up well – those reflected rays sure are strong!
  • With a meal.  Fortunately, Kennebunkport has quite a few wonderful waterfront dining establishments, but Tia’s Topside and the Arundel Wharf to an excellent job of providing wonderful outdoor dining areas along with some great food.
  • At the Maine Stay.  Our big backyard and comfy loungers are calling your name!  Plus, with the shade of a handful of 100+ year old pine trees, you can plan a quick escape if the sunshine gets to you.  Need I say more?

But whatever and wherever you choose, there are infinite incredible spots to catch some sun this summer in Kennebunkport Maine!

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