Searching for Sweets in Kennebunkport Maine

If you’re anything like me and have more than just a single sweet tooth (I’d say I have a whole mouth full!), look no further than Kennebunkport Maine to quell your cravings.  Fortunately, though not for my waistline, there are lots of great options for candy, cookies, and frozen confections just a short stroll from our Kennebunkport bed and breakfast.  But if you find yourself hankering for a sugar fix before you even arrive, Yummiescandy store in Kittery is a great place to stop.  Not only are they conveniently located for

Yummies Candy in Kittery
Check out that candy on display!

some extra retail therapy, they’ve got over 10,000 pounds of sweets on their shelves at all times.  You’ll never see anything like it!  Assuming you have a teeny bit more control that I do, and you actually make it into Kennebunkport, the very first thing you’ll likely encounter is the Sugar Shack.  Located right next to the area Chamber of Commerce, it’s brightly colored sign and inventive window display are sure to catch your attention.  And their traditional assortment of sweets come in just as striking tones.  Nearby, you’ll find the new Chase Hill Bakery, a once famous bakery, whose owner retired, only to reopen recently.  It’s well on its way toward reclaiming its former glory.

As you drive deeper into town, you’ll pass a brand new frozen yogurt shop (stay tuned for more on that one at a later date!) and a great new artisan ice cream shop called Rococo.  With rich and flavorful varieties,  its definitely a new fave! But if some good old chocolate is what you crave, don’t miss out on the Candy Man.  Not only do they offer a mix of sweet munchies by the bin, but their chocolate assortment is out of this world, with the items made at their very own shop in York, ME.  No matter what you’re craving  though, Kennebunkport Maine has got you covered!

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