Kennebunkport Designer Show House at the Kenneth Roberts Estate

The Designer Show House has finally opened in Kennebunkport!  While it’s the first of its kind in town, Designer show houses seem to be a new trend in getaway destinations, and this one is truly incredible.  The fact that this is the home of acclaimed author Kenneth Roberts just adds interest to a piece of property folks in the area have been dying to see for years.  Situated on nearly 100

Kenneth Roberts Estate Kennebunkport

acres of land between Wildes District Road (just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Maine Stay Inn) and Ocean Avenue, this 6,000 square foot stone mansion prevails over rolling fields, coastal marshes, and a lovely lily pond.  A fire destroyed the interior of the entire building in 1977, but was lovingly restored to create the perfect backdrop for the show house.  And despite the fact that each room has been designed by a different creative genius, the home remains cohesive and delightful.

So for the next three weeks, visitors can enjoy the Kennebunkport version of Extreme Makeover Home Edition in one of the most spectacular settings in the area.  And fortunately, due to its proximity to the Maine Stay, outdoor adventurers can plan to stroll over and enjoy a delightful morning (or afternoon) on the grounds before touring the home.  But best of all, ticket sales for this event support the Kennebunkport Historical Society.  So not only is visiting the house a wonderful opportunity to experience spectacular design inspiration first hand (or just satisfy your inner nosiness, if you are anything like me), but ticket sales benefit a wonderful cause!  Yes, the historical integrity of Kennebunkport is part of what makes this community so charming, and much gratitude is due to the organization for its work over the decades.  So with ticket prices just $20 for this incredible experience, it’s well worth it!  I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did  – and I am already asking about next year!

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