The Front Porch of Kennebunkport is Now Open!

Considered by many to be the “front porch” of Kennebunkport, the Maine Stay Inn‘s grand wraparound has been a feature of town for well over 150 years.  And for at least the past several decades, visitors have enjoyed breakfast outside during the warmer

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months.  Each year around this time, we hang the spherical planters of coral impatiens.  They start the size of basketballs and with tender, loving care from innkeepers and staff (okay, mostly Walter), they nearly fill the entire space between the support columns.  They’re finally up and don’t provide an ounce of shade, but the bright flowers give off such cheer that their dinky-ness isn’t quite so noticeable!

At the end of last year, we decided to retire the porch furniture, in favor of sturdier and infinitely more comfortable dining sets.  And although the dining tables are just slightly larger, they now can comfortably seat a group of three.  They arrived a short while later, but until the weather warmed, they stayed right in their boxes.  Finally the time has come!  We unboxed the order in April, but had to wait for warm enough mornings to ensure that no one would be chilled. So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

And this week the morning temps were finally warm enough, so we cleaned and prepped, making sure that visitors to our Kennebunkport Hotel would enjoy a clean and comfortable dining experience.  So it’s official  – the Maine Stay Inn porch is finally open for breakfast!

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