Music in Kennebunkport: Live at the Hive

The Hive live music near Kennebunkport
Check out The Hive for live music near Kennebunkport

While Kennebunkport hasn’t exactly been known as the music capitol of Maine, the area has certainly seen an upswing in the variety and caliber of performers coming to the area, especially with the opening of The Hive.  Located in downtown Kennebunk, this unassuming storefront houses a “swarm” of activity ranging from after school arts programs for kids as young as kindergarten to emerging musical performances.  But while I knew this new arts center was fully operational and getting rave reviews, I hadn’t yet had a chance to check it out for myself.  Until tonight.

So since Dairy Queen called to me for dessert, I decided to indulge – and then enjoy an evening stroll through downtown Kennebunk before returning to the Maine Stay Inn.  Slowly, the sound of music grew louder, until I reached the entrance to The Hive.  While it initially appeared that only a few folks had gathered around the small elevated platform, a closer look revealed a good sized gathering of people in the back. Honestly the atmosphere was great, and tickets to see the best R&B group in Maine were just $10.  Obviously, the value was there – Kenya Hall and the rest of the group offered incredible music and wonderful accompaniment just a mere inches from the patrons.  The lighting was done perfectly, and the proximity to two great restaurants (and Dairy Queen, of course!) means that you can make a full evening out of it.  My only complaint was that the tunes were a bit too loud for my liking, especially since things are low key around our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, but that won’t stop me from going back and staying longer (I’ll just come prepared next time!).  So if you’re in the mood for some live musical performances, look no further than The Hive – it won’t disappoint!

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