Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels Don't Have to be Stuffy

For many people, Kennebunkport luxury hotels conjure up the image of a stuffy and pretentious environment, but that is definitely not the case at the Maine Stay Inn.  A “look but don’t touch” kind of place is really no fun and certainly doesn’t promote relaxation or enjoyment, which is what we’re all looking for when on vacation or even a quick weekend getaway.  I mean, I certainly

Kennebunkport luxury hotels view
Relax and lean back - our lawn loungers will help you soak up the sunshine!

remember going into high end shops, galleries, and the like as a child and was warned to keep my hands to myself, which just filled me with anxiety.  And that feeling comes right back the instant I set foot in a “fancy” and oh-so-stiff setting.  But since our entire purpose is to ensure that visitors to Kennebunkport and the Maine Stay Inn enjoy their experience to the fullest and depart feeling renewed and refreshed, every change is made with your comfort in mind.

Upgrades and renovations over the last four years, in guest rooms and all across the property, have planted the Maine Stay firmly in the Kennebunkport Luxury Hotels category, with things like fine linens, gourmet cuisine, and lavish bathrooms.  But because we believe that sophisticated does not have to mean stuffy, every change has been aimed to help you relax just a bit more.  We’ve swapped out perfectly good mattresses for something thicker, larger, and more plush (though that doesn’t mean squishy – we’ve got your backs in mind too!).  We added bathrobes, then changed them to ones you’ll slide into one with a sigh.  Yes, we want you to sprawl out and unwind, whether that’s in your room, in the lounge or dining room, or even in our expansive backyard.  So lay back in our zero-gravity loungers, soak up the sunshine, and listen to the birds chirping, because at the Maine Stay you can.  But if there is something we can do to make your Maine vacation even better, let us know, because your comfort is our top priority!

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