Kennebunkport Hotels to Host Garden Party

Kennebunkport hotels garden party Kennebunkport festival 2012
Garden Party joins Kennebunkport Festival 2012 itinerary!

For many, the Kennebunkport Festival serves as the area’s official kick-off to summer, and this year instead of sponsoring an event, several small Kennebunkport hotels and inns have teamed up to host a progressive Garden Party.  Much like a “round robin” or progressive dinner, guests of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport can enjoy a chauffeured tour of each of the unique gardens and lush lawns, and in a limo, no less!  Yes, a limo!  But while most of the inns are within close proximity, but a few require hopping in a car or on a bike, and these Kennebunkport hotels know that after a glass of wine or two, that might not be such a good idea.  So instead, we’re making sure you end up at your destination safely!

Because this great event will be held on the afternoon of June 9, 2012 (from about 3 to 6 for all of you planners out there), the gardens should be rich with flowers and foliage and temperatures ideal for lounging about.  Some of the inns will be serving complimentary wines and nibbles, while others, like the Maine Stay, will 0ffer a tea-tasting.  With warm and iced varieties of different blends and tea time treats (and not just our famous cookies!), the assortment will be ideal for a summer afternoon.  So mingle with visitors and innkeepers alike while resting up for an evening of Kennebunkport Festival activities at each of the participating Kennebunkport hotels and inns – it’s sure to be fun and worry-free!

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