Kennebunkport Hotels Prepare for Summer Season

Kennebunkport hotels like the Maine Stay Innare preparing for the summertime, and all around town you’ll see signs of people hard at work.  Even the town of Kennebunkport is making preparations.  While it was a bit of a hassle for a few days, they’ve repaved all of the streets from the Maine Stay to the Dock Square bridge!  Great gardens are springing up all over the community,

Kennebunkport hotels renovate for summer
A bold blue replaces toile wallpaper in this dramatic renovation

gracing private homes, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and even schools.  But the most prolific of all have to be the fields and gardens at Patten’s Berry Farm, although it will likely be another few months before we get to enjoy their crops.

At the Maine Stay, though, we are just getting to our gardens (unlike some other small Kennebunkport hotels), because we have been busy finishing up the renovations throughout the property.  The classic cottage suites got new bathrooms, and iPad docks have cropped up all across the inn.  Our impossibly tiny kitchen has even gotten a facelift.  Romantic Cottage Suite #1 has been experiencing a transformation, with new furniture, bold paint colors, and soft, white linens and draperies.  And while our largest and most time consuming project happened in Romantic Cottage Suite 5, it was not, in fact, our most noticeable change.  Yes, this suite bears no resemblance to its former self – the two beds are gone, as is the kitchen.  But you’ll have to wait for pictures of our most striking update – partially because we don’t yet have great photos (see you soon, Christian Giannelli!) and partially because we’re not quite finished yet!  Some of the new furniture arrives arrives tomorrow, but some is still a little ways out.  It was a sudden decision to change our small Kennebunkport hotels entire entry, but it has been unquestionably correct, bringing a light and airy feeling to the inn.  We can’t wait to show you!

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