A New Kennebunkport Addition: Galleries at Morning Walk

About six months ago, a construction site popped up in a field along Route 35 in Kennebunk, just under a mile from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  We passed it at least once daily as we check off items on the “to-do” list – grocery store, FedEx, hardware store, etc. – each time wondering what would become of this strange collection of shed-like buildings.  Could they be

Galleries at Morning Walk in Kennebunkport
Now Open - the Galleries at Morning Walk!

some kind of house? Nah, they’re too small for that.  How about storage?  Nope, the beautiful french doors on each one killed that idea.  Finally, though, a sign was posted for “The Galleries at Morning Walk.”  This collection of art galleries and retail spaces are a perfect way to greet visitors to town, as the unique, elegant, and still charming vibe perfectly represents all that Kennebunkport offers.

So about a week ago, we decided to venture out of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast on a rainy evening to check out the grand opening of this great collection.  We were all pleased to see that the community had come out in droves to support these groundbreaking merchants.  As we strolled from cottage to cottage, we enjoyed a great assortment of wares, from photography and paintings to housewares and jewelry.  But we were never so pleased as when we stepped into one, tucked into the far corner.  A new branch of Calluna Fine Flowers!  This unique floral design, gift, and clothing shop has become a staple for us, and a place we turn to for inventive and stunning floral arrangements.  And while guests ask often where they can find these great products, a trip to Ogunquit (while just 12 miles away) is sometimes just not in the cards.  So now, guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast can just stroll across the bridge (or drive – there is parking) and check out all of the amazing things she has to offer.  We are all so excited about the Galleries at Morning Walk, and can’t wait to go back and explore, this time when it’s not raining!

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