The Reawakening of Kennebunkport Restaurants

Early April is a very exciting time in Kennebunkport, with the weather warming, the days lengthening, and restaurants reopening.  And while a good many are open all year long, a few are indeed seasonal – some because their proprietors need a good long rest after a busy season, and others because they are situated in “charming” buildings that just can’t handle a rough Maine winter (not

Kennebunkport restaurants opening in the spring
Kennebunkport restaurants all around the harbor are opening their doors!

that we had one this year!).  Yes, believe it or not, quite a few of these old structures weren’t erected in a way that would allow for efficient heating or for water pipes not to freeze and burst.  Now, though, we are nearing the end of frost danger and certainly  (knock on wood) long stretches of arctic blasts, and these Kennebunkport Restaurants are coming back to life!  And a few more always take their vacation time in March, just in time to avoid the mud season (and maple syruping – their loss!).

Just around the corner from the Maine Stay, One Dock (located at the Kennebunkport Inn) opened last weekend.  And while I have yet to venture over (hello there, renovations that are right down to the wire), I am confident that their menu will be as good as ever.  Plus with a redecorated dining room, the dining experience is sure to be enhanced.  Always a favorite, Mabel’s Lobster Claw is reopening tomorrow – no doubt that the Bush family won’t be too far behind.  And Hurricane Restaurant in the heart of Dock Square (with unquestionably the best location of any Kennebunkport Restaurant) will round out the week with their reopening on Friday.  More favorites will follow suit shortly, so stay tuned for updates!

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